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This Italian movie is an anthology based with no linking material, only that all of the stories have a horror/suspense/surreal theme. Anyway, it all concludes with a return to the fateful swamps and another drowning (guess who gets to go under this time around?). Meanwhile, Virgile's brother and only relative, Vincent, a violonist (and a thief comes back to Paris. ADD TO shopping cart serail (1976)-In French with English subs, letterboxed print.  Alexandre agrees, but the stranger is shot dead soon after and Alexandre himself becomes the target of enemy agents who are keen to recover the briefcase. Unexpected ends are part of the shows. Two young unenployed men, Scintillone and Ruggeretto, pick up a couple of ey hope their company will help them sell some rifles they have stolen. The killer clown doll rubbing Lorena Herrera's giant fake breasts! ADD TO shopping cart queen margot (1954)-In French with English subs. While in hiding he receives a visit from his former lieutenant played by Georges Géret, who is also a defector but now works for the OAS, a group opposing Algerian independence. Too many culture shocks and not much you can do: You just have to be a whore- period ADD TO shopping cart viva gringo (1965)-Letterboxed print.

male escorts buenos aires escort gay en leon

formidable gladiators. Blinded by his love for the girl and his trust in his friend, Antonio doesn't notice the spark of passion between the two, and explodes in a furious outpouring when he learns they are having an affair. When he returned to the castle of the noble, learned that Guillaume, dying and assisted by his wife, suffering from a curse. With the help of another unmarried mother-to-be, Catherine goes looking for the stash of cash buried by her lover before his death. So he will leave the command and the ship to the winner of a challenge among his men. The films main location looks like the same hotel used in the Jess Franco film Cuanto Cobra Un Espia? A radiant Ingrid Thulin escapes from Scandinavian gloom and into sunnier climes in this sensuous, if disturbing, erotic drama set in Venice. Lemmy Caution is an American FBI Agent sent to Casablanca to investigate a stolen shipment of gold. Life is always hard for a small time midget thief. The ending of the film is Pure Hollywood, no matter what language the actors are speaking. A female civilization, possessing a strange science, look on our planet as invasion material. As a second unit or assistant director, Alberto Cardone (here billed as Albert Cardiff) worked on Ben Hur, Barbarella, Summertime and Carmen among others; as director he is responsible for several 'Dollar' westerns attempting to cash in, if you'll pardon the pun, on Leone's. Zorro, however, remains alert and angrily wakens his men when he sees a horse-drawn carriage rumble down the path. A stunning Sadean moodpiece shot in a series of extended takes. ..

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The two actors give superlative performances,particularly Jacques Perrin I have perhaps never seen better than here. Debut director Pedro Stocki uses this premise to construct his film, and adds to it an old woman who hates cats, a mentally disabled girl, a man whose behavior is truly strange, and a pig eating scene in very bad taste. ADD TO shopping cart witch IN love (1966)-finalleautiful widescreen print OF this masterful horror film BY damiani damiano! Of these, Chloé is the most dangerous, and, jealous of her rivals, she accuses Rémi of murdering her boyfriend. Part of the Lucio Fulci presents series of gore/sleaze horror films. Sex comedy from 1977 by Sigi Rothemund with Gianni Garko, Inge Focke (Love that name!) and Alexander Grill. At first he refuses until he learns that his intended target is responsible for his brother's death. In a futuristic society, an old man tells the legend of a strange medal to two children. Both men are enamored of the woman and are quite willing to enter into competition for her favors. Mexican horror anthology film Pánico takes place in 3 parts. Immediately the consulate contacts it's national secret service who assign Mike Russo (George Hilton) to the job to retrieve the stolen and necessary information back from who stole. An array of 5 short stories, it will keep you entertained and anxious to see the next one. The father, and a jaded ex-lover, mixed with scenes of a treatment and burial of a Christ-like figure, a masturbating nun who frequently goes to the toilet, an angel with a whip, a suffering priest, the four horsemen, lots of nudity and artsy representations. The traditional but intense Nikolaidis cinematography style is ever-present and, as usual, the best part about his films is the performances, dialogues, tabboos broken, fears and norms questioned.